Geological mapping
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In the presentations are present examples of work with GPR "LOZA"  by VNISMI (Russia) and VNISMI-Prichernomrie (Odessa) provided VNISMI-Prichernomrie(Odessa), in collaboration with "NIIGEOEKOMP".

Regional engineering-geological studies
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Geology-geophysical studies
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At presentations there are examples of operations with a georadar the "LOZA", The fulfilled jointly with specialists "VNISMI-Prichernomore" (Odessa) at cooperation with "NIIGeoEcoMP", at technical support VNIISMI (Russia), "NICRPI" (Kiev) NAS of Ukraine.

Regional geological and hydrogeological studies
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Regional enviromental studies
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Regional geological prospecting and geological evaluation works
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Scientific publications
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Field works (photography)
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